Apr 27, 2021

Badge Huntsman (Neosparassus diana)

The Badge Huntsman, (Neosparassus diana), is fawn to orange or pinkish brown in color and 16-20 mm in length, males and females are similar although males are slightly smaller. There is a dark triangular patch on the underside of the abdomen. The Badge Huntsman hunts for prey on trunks of trees and in foliage and hides under bark during the day.

1/200 - f/9 - ISO100 - macro + diffused flash

Apr 25, 2021

Longicorn Beetle (Cerambycidae f.)


Longicorn Beetle (Cerambycidae family) also known as Long-horned Beetle. In Australia we have four longicorn subfamilies, Cerambycinae and Lamiinae are common while Prioninae and Parandrinae are rare. Longicorn Beetles lay eggs  in the cracks of bark or under bark and most larvae are wood borers.

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1/200 - f/8 - ISO200 - macro

Apr 11, 2021

Abandoned Bird Nest


While walking through a local woodland, I came across this bird nest that appears to be abandoned. The nest was about medium sized and only about 6ft above the ground.

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Apr 7, 2021

Grass Dart Butterfly (Ocybadistes walkeri)


A Grass Dart Butterfly (Ocybadistes walkeri), feeding on a clover flower in the last day's of summer.

1/200 - f/9 - ISO100 - macro

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